Virtual Tumor Board Registration Form

Do you have a difficult clinical case of mediastinal tumor you wish to consult with multidisciplinary panel of experts?*


Contact us without further ado and fill this simple form. We will communicate with you soon with further instructions! 

*Only physicians are allowed to submit clinical cases for consultation

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Important information

  1. The form below is for an initial brief case submission only. We will contact you to arrange further details.
  2. The Tumor Board takes place on the Zoom platform at a time convenient for the doctor presenting the patient and the experts commenting on the case. The tumor board panel will have at least one member of each specialty (surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, and radiology).
  3. Each case is presented ANONYMOUSLY, as the meeting may be recorded for ITMIG members for educational purposes
  4. The physician presenting the case should prepare and provide: 
    • Complete anonymized clinical data (e.g., as a PowerPoint presentation) including a clearly stated purpose of the consultation 
    • Full, original, anonymized imaging studies (CT, MRI, PET-CT) as DICOM files
      • Option 2 – imaging studies can be presented by the primary radiologist via screen sharing
    • Scanned (digitalized), anonymized microscopic (histopathological) slides (hematoxylin & eosin and all relevant immunohistochemical test) from which the diagnosis was established (formats accepted: svs, vsi, ndpi, scn, svslide, bif, mrxs, vmic, tiff, tif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, webp, xcf)
      • Option 2 – microscopic slides can be presented by the primary pathologist through direct transmission from under the microscope and screen sharing
  5. All clinical, radiological and histopathological data should be submitted no later than 4 days before the Tumor Board – How to submit all files? Contact Pam Bruce
  6. After the meeting, ITMIG will provide the presenting physician with a written summary of the expert panel’s opinions and recommendations.

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