Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month

May is the month when ITMIG was created!


May is the Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month!

MAY, 2022

Tumors of the thymus gland are a group of rare diseases, with an incidence of less than 0.2 per 100,000 people ( . Both patients and doctors hearing the diagnosis “thymic tumor” or “mediastinal tumor” often do not know what it means, how to proceed and where to look for specialists experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.

With this in mind, ITMIG launched the initiative:

May – Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month

In May, we want to propose a series of events that will increase the knowledge of these rare neoplasms among patients and their families, as well as among doctors of various specialties who do not deal with mediastinal diseases on a daily basis.

Patient stories...

We are planning:

  • webinars for patients
  • webinars for doctors
  • social media messages
  • interviews with mediastinal disease experts
  • and much much more!

More details coming soon, we’ll post them here on this page. Remember – visit our website regularly so that you do not miss any event!

Events organised by ITMIG and other societies or institutions

Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month – Patient Webinar: Surgical treatment of thymic tumors

We invite you to the next webinar for patients with thymic malignancies: Surgical approaches for thymic tumors: What to know as a patient? Classical Sternotomy & VATS/RATS approach to thymic […]

Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month – ESP Webinar for Pathologists

Dear Colleagues, On the occasion of the current Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month (May), the European Society of Pathology would like to invite pathologists to a Bring your case! organized by […]

Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month – ThymicUK Patient Webinar

What is the role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist in your care? Join us at this patient webinar to hear from our two specialist nurses, Marrika & Marie, talk about their […]

Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month – Webinar for PATIENTS with EURACAN experts

1st Webinar for PATIENTS with EURACAN ERN physician expert on thymoma and thymic carcinoma: Update on Thymic Tumors and future prospective Monday, May 23, 2022 1:00 – 6:00 PM CEST […]

Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month – Webinar in ITALIAN for patients

Associazione Tumori Toracici Rari (TUTOR) invites thymic tumor patients to the webinar:   Open TUTOR: conoscere per capire – What comes next? Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 6:00 – 7:30 […]

Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month – Webinar in Polish

The International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group (ITMIG) and the Polish Lung Cancer Group (PolGRP)   invite doctors and thymic epithelial tumor patients to a webinar May – Thymic Malignancy Awareness […]

Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month – TNM Classification of Thymic Epithelial Tumors

We invite you to the webinar organized by ITMIG for Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month: TNM Classification of Thymic Epithelial Tumors Promotion and circulation of the 8th edition UICC/AJCC staging system, […]

Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month – ITMIG webinar for patients

Have you been diagnosed with thymoma or thymic carcinoma and don’t know what that means? Are you wondering which surgery to choose or whether to undergo radiation therapy? Or maybe you are […]

Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month – BTOG Webinar

The British Thoracic Oncology Group invites you to a webinar on: BTOG Thymic Malignancies Essential Update 2022   Program includes: Managing the Thymic Pathway Treatments – Early stage Treatments – […]

We have prepared a short information brochure for thymic tumor patients about their condition and where they can find support. Are you a doctor? Print this brochure and pass it on to your patients.


You can also download a logo of Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month:

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Join our initiative in 2022!

Inform physicians or patients you know about Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month and provide them with a link to this website.

If you are organizing an event for Thymic Malignancy Awareness Month, please let us know. We will publish a link to your event on our website and on our social media.

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