16 June 2021

Morphologic response to neoadjuvant therapy in thymic epithelial tumors

Dear Colleagues:

As you know, neoadjuvant treatment of thymic epithelial tumors (TET) might increase their resectability. Unlike in lung carcinoma, in the thymus, the effect of neoadjuvant treatment has not been thoroughly studied and it is unclear whether treatment effect has any prognostic value in these tumors.

Therefore, the thymic carcinoma working group of ITMIG is planning to study the morphologic response to neoadjuvant therapy in thymic epithelial tumors including thymomas, thymic carcinomas, and thymic neuroendocrine tumors and to assess its significance for prognosis of these patients.

If you would be interested in joining our endeavor, have any cases of TETs resected following neoadjuvant therapy and would be able to share them with us, please let us know. We would like to include you in our study. Please contact Anja Roden (email – CLICK HERE) if you are interested in joining or if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to our study.

Thymic Carcinoma Working Group

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