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Meet the experts, ITMIG members, and their opinions on the most important principles and the latest advances in the treatment of thymic malignancies, as well as on the challenges and problems still waiting to be resolved

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Prof. Conrad Falkson:

The primary function of the radiation is to reduce the risk of local recurrence where complete surgical resection has not been achieved

Prof. Meinoshin Okumura:

More studies in thymoma-associated autoimmune diseases are needed

Prof. Jeanne B. Ackman:

TNM staging system has made huge progress for the diagnosis and treatment of thymic tumors

Prof. Nicolas Girard:

Cooperation network and database of thymic malignancy research


8th ITMIG Annual Meeting, 2017, Torino, Italy

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Prof. Frank Detterbeck:

We are all here for the same goal

Prof. Paul Van Schil:

Complete resection is a major prognostic factor and should remain the principal aim of surgical resection

Prof. Ritsuko Komaki:

Radiation therapy for thymic malignancies to improve local control, overall survival and disease free survival

Prof. Edith Marom:

ITMIG is an innovative, young society open to all from all disciplines


9th ITMIG Annual Meeting, 2018, Seoul, South Korea

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Prof. Andreas Rimner:

Expertise, equipment, and experience are critical prerequisites in intraoperative radiotherapy


8th ITMIG Annual Meeting, 2017, Torino, Italy

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